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Every girl wants to look great on her wedding day – in fact she wants all eyes on here during her big day. She’s waited a long time for her prince charming and this day is her special day and needs to get a bridal makeup artist booked months or even a year ahead. Generally most brides exert every effort in preparing for their wedding day celebration. They think through everything from the wedding theme, the reception, the cards, the gown, the gifts, the venue but most importantly the makeup. The problem is they rarely pay for a professional makeup artist and generally don’t get married all the time so have very little experience in knowing what to look for or even what to expect. Of course the bride wants to shine and look her best but I’ve seen several friends and family who have made the mistake of either doing their makeup themselves or simply taking the advice of a friend and booking the local salon.

The bride needs to look good for her guest but also for her wedding pictures and video – these will be looked at for years to come so your makeup really needs to look good on film. The type of makeup worn depends on the time of day the wedding is held – but generally the make-up is a cross between make-ups for day and night since many weddings last from the afternoon to evening.
Warm colours are best, you don’t want to look like an ice queen – and not too much helps enhance your own beauty rather than make you look like a drag queen. The bride wants to look radiant and fresh for the whole day not just the first half an hour.
The bridal makeup artist needs to understand your wants and needs to keep you happy but also needs to know what theme you’ll be using especially the colours of the venue and your bridal gown since the makeup needs to take this into consideration. The make-up needs to be in harmony with the venue and the style of dress and makeup you have

The specifics of the makeup are really down to your bridal makeup artist and if you’ve had a trial with them you can be pretty confident you’ll get a decent job. If you haven’t had a trial you may be in for  a shock and end up looking like a simple plain Jane or and over makeup-ed drag queen. The shades of blush and eye shadow are key to determining the look – natural, soft or sharp. Creating emphasis and definition again depends on whether you use light tones on your eyes once again your makeup artist should be able to offer suggestions.

Choosing a powder or foundation a shade lighter than your actual complexion is a mistake since your neck and shoulders will be plain to see or more importantly your husband will soon find out! It’s great to have your cheeks looking slightly flushed but too strong a colour might make you look like a Barbie doll.

You want your hubby to knocked for six when he sees you so make sure you’re bridal makeup makes you look like a princess! You certainly don’t want to look like a Shrek’s bride ….. !

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