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Women are constantly updating their style from clothes shoes and makeup while overlooking one of their greatest assets their hair. They’re constantly looking at magazines and checking out the latest fashions in clothes, shoes and makeup but they don’t realise that their hair complements if not enhances their beauty in ways which the other aspects of their appearance can’t. Think of hair like the border on a picture, the edge to a frame, a way to enhance what it contains – in other words by taking care of your hair you can enhance your face and natural beauty without costly makeup or skin treatments.

Hair is a little like eyebrows it can help define a woman’s look. You shouldn’t wait until a special occasion to sort out your hair style or hair colour – you should take care of your hair as a matter of course and should experiment with different styles and colours to see what pleases you. Hair care of course is important since drab looking hair whatever its colour or style will still look like drab looking hair !

Hair is strange alive but dead it gives us an indication of our health and general well being. There are a multitude of oils on the market but one that Indian ladies swear by is Ambla – it’s from a peculiar plant and has an amazing effect – just be sure you’re not doing anything for the next few days since the smell is absolutely horrendous. I even know someone who consumed the plant and found new growth and more body in their hair – they had to wait several months of course since hair pretty much renews itself every few months or so.

Conditioners of course keep your hair soft and smooth but generally washing will rob your hair of the essential oils that your body naturally creates to keep your hair healthy. Dandruff is a big problem which again can be resolved with an appropriate treatment (possibly even head & shoulders) but may need a visit to the doctor to ensure you haven’t got a fungi infection on your scalp.

Colour treated hair care requires a little more time during daily hair care routines. Instead of rubbing hair vigourous after washing simply pat dry to prevent fading. It’s always a good idea to let hair dry naturally for a few minutes before blow drying to let absorption of moisture and avoid a dry, gray look. Just like skin hair loves to be hydrated and colour treating processes generally leave hair frizzled and stringy. A deep conditioning treatment to keep hair hydrated is called for and needs to be worked in from the roots and left for at 30 minutes to help it really nourish the hair. I’m a little hesitant to advice you to use the numerous herbal products that are not backed up by a reputable brand since I’ve come across some cases where hair has started to thin due to frequent use and the harsh reaction these products have had.

I can best some up hair care as something which needs to be consistently using naturals oils and good quality, hydrating conditioner which complements a diet rich in vitamins and minerals – you need to nourish your hair from the inside and the outside.

Check out this great resource which helps you understand how to take care of your own hair:
Achieving Beautiful Natural Hair!


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