Warm Autumn Makeup

It was a sunny day, so after brunch this morning I walked around I took a few pics with the family. I love walking around outside especially in the morning when there’s a little chill in the air although recently its been pretty warm. My favourite season of the year is autumn why because I simply love the autumn coloured girl… what is that I hear you ask. She has a softness in her colouring and warm subtle combinations work wonders on her. Autumn makeup may be a little adverse to vibrant contrasting colours but selective use of intense colours can really mix in well.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re dark or fair its more the tone of your colour that counts – your colours are rich, warm, soft, blended and natural going at one with the environment – autumn makeup really gives me a warmness on the inside!!

The Autumn palette although predominantly soft colours needs to have some vibranancy to help bring out the inner you just wanting to escape. Now if you have red hair that’s even more important, jet black hair too requires something to complement your soft colouring too. Other colours on the cooler end of your palette, such as teal, red, purple, bronze and navy may also help to bring out your best.

Autumn Makeup Colours

•Autumn leaf/True Autumn – good in the mid tone ‘leaf’ colours.
•Soft Autumn – good in the lighter, softer end of the palette.
•Vibrant Autumn – good in the strongest and most vibrant colours of the palette.
•Dark blue Autumn – you’re dark but borderline warm/cool, so good in teal, red, purple, bronze and navy.

Take a look at these different examples of Deep, Warm and Soft autumn looks, excellent starting points for inspiration. Click here.

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