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It’s vital that on your wedding day you’re centre of attention. From the cameras to the people all eyes will be on you and your husband.  It’s going to be very nerve racking so you want o make sure you’re fully prepared. Even with your friends and family there to help you along and celebrate the day you need to look your best so you have the confidence to deal with anything unexpected.

You need to prepare well in advance and consider everything ranging from your dress, shoes, underwear, hair, skin and wedding makeup.  You don’t want to take the risk by hoping everything will fall into place rather you want to plan and prepare every detail. Your makeup needs to be spot on, go with a trusted makeup artist and make sure you have a makeup trial way before the wedding day.

One of the most important issues is having makeup which can last the day – it would be absolutely awful if the makeup started to look drab by the time its ready to leave with your new husband! Make sure you speak to the makeup artist about your concerns – she should walk you through your options while considering your skin condition.  Other areas to really take some time over are the colours you want to use and the type of eye makeup you’d like – you may even want to make sure you have a program of facial treatments before your wedding day and even have emergency makeup ready in case you need to renew your makeup on the day.

Don’t leave the selection of colours for your wedding makeup, dress, shoes, accessories and even the venue to chance. Your colour scheme should be defined upfront so you don’t clash with the flowers, tablecloths or napkins! It’s even a good idea to show the make artist samples so she can keep the colours in mind, choosing products that will both highlight your facial features while complementing the wedding scene beautifully.

One of the main areas where many makeup artists fail to advice their clients on is skin moisturising. Using a good moisturizer is important since the makeup will last longer when applied to a smooth hydrated face. The bride needs to allow plenty of time in the weeks before the wedding day. On your wedding day apply it at least 20 minutes before the makeup artist applies your makeup so it absorbs properly and helps your makeup last longer. Make sure you know your skin type and the type of moisturiser you should be using and whatever you do don’t change products close to your wedding day – you risk the possibility of a reaction and ending up with a red rash ridden face.

Crying and getting wet eyes is always a problem however hard faced you think you are on your big day with all the speeches and emotions be prepared for this. The mascara should be waterproof; the last thing you want is streaks of mascara down your face. Used oil based, not water based concealers and foundations around your eyes.

Facial treatments are always a good idea and they can do wonders for your skin by reducing imperfections and generally helping your skin shine. Once again make sure you don’t have a treatment too close to your wedding day since it’s quite normal for your face to be red and sensitive immediately after a facial treatment. Book it a week or even a month ahead.

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  • That makes me angry too. Free should be free, peroid. I know the type of wedding vendor that pulls this sort of crap though. They’re always paranoid that they won’t make enough, but they feel compelled to participate in some sort of gimmicky thing that will generate leads. It’s frustrating and lacks both transparency and authenticity. But not all wedding vendors are like that. I won a free centerpiece on Twitter from Enchanted florist in Asheville once and it was gorgeous and truly free. I also won a Shabby Apple dress from a blog and it was free. But I agree with you dear Rogue Bride, those vendors that try to trick brides with free stuff that ain’t free should get a swift kick in the pants.

  • Thanks Nayeli, my makeup tips are all free as is my newsletter !!!

    Any advice you need for your big day (or any of your friends) please don’t hesistate to contact. I’ll be happy to help. I will be rolling out some paid services soon which will be of immense use to you all and give you easy and cheap access to some personalised advice which is completely sincere and unbiased.

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